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What is the Global Development Alliance?
In his May 8th testimony before the Senate Appropriations Sub-Committee for Foreign Operations, USAID Administrator Natsios defined the Global Development Alliance as a new approach to how USAID supports the foreign assistance objectives of the United States.  USAID will form strategic alliances and work with a variety of private and public partners to leverage additional funding in program areas important to USAID's goals.  In his testimony, Administrator Natsios stated ---

"The Global Development Alliance (GDA) is USAID's commitment to change the way we implement our assistance mandate.   The GDA will be a fundamental reorientation of how USAID sees itself in the context of international development assistance, both in how we relate to our traditional partners, and in how we seek out and develop alliances with new partners. Incorporating GDA as a pillar of our new approach means we will pursue a systematic approach to alliances on a much larger scale and will institutionalize these alliances as a central business model across Agency operations.  To jump-start the process, I intend to assign $160 million in FY 2002 funds specifically for GDA projects. The $160 million requested will generate new alliances that support the three program pillars, consistent with the authorized intentions of USAID's funding accounts. This investment will leverage private funding in program areas important to USAID's goals."

Andrew Natsios,
USAID Administrator
May 8, 2001