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John Rundle High School
Class of 1970
Last updated on July 28, 2002:


Recent Messages (July 28, 2002).

Bill Flanagin - "Mike, I would like to say thanks for putting the Web page together. It makes it easier to keep up with some very special people. (As for me)... I left Holmes Jr. and went in the Army, got married in Germany, had one child,a son, returned to the States in 1979, went to the Univ. of Maryland, joined the National Guard, went to work for the City of Lafayette here in Louisiana as a City Planner. I am presently in charge of land acquisitions for the city. I plan to retire in about four years and move back to Grenada to hunt and fish for the rest of my life. I was divorced two years ago after 23 years. I have been buying houses and renovating them in my spare time. My son went to M.I.T. and graduated with a Master's in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He holds several rushing records in football at M.I.T. He is presently a consulting engineer for the Corp in New Orleans and working on his Doctorate at the Univ. of New Orleans. If you know any one in real estate in Grenada please let me know, I'll be looking for some land pretty soon."

Steve "Tank" Martin - "I will not be able to attend the luncheon on the 20th. My wife and I will probably be in Grenada the weekend before the 20th to visit with the family. Sorry to miss the event...maybe next time."

Jamie Houston - "I don't know whether I can make the lunch on the 20th. For right now please count me as a "no show". If it does work out that I can come I'll let you know several days in advance."

Gerald Harbison - "I think it is great what you are doing as far as helping some of us older people recall some of their previously forgotten memories. Please keep up the good work and although I will not be able to attent the luncheon,I am hoping you will contact me with some pictures and whatever else results that you come up with. How is Hugh doing? I told Gary that you said Hi and he seemed pleased to hear from you and asked me to tell you Hi. Looking forward to hearing back from you."

Mary Gene Boteler - "Wish I could be at the luncheon (but I will not be able to make it). Good to be in touch with folks again. Tell everyone hello for me."

Terry Ray - "Hello this point I plan on attending. If for some reason this changes, I will let you know. How has the move gone?"

Messages from May/June 2002.

Belinda Little-Wood - "I have been involved in economic development in New Orleans for the past 20 years. Dealing with the political issues, cultural, and social issues has been interesting."

Stephanie Allen Johnson - "Carol Ann (Middlebrook) Carter, Gail (Thompson) Collins, (Allen Townes) Weldon, Julie "Goo" (Lockett) Gibbs, and I are all getting together the first of August in Dallas for a reunion. Will send photos and news. Regarding the family --- my steady boyfriend from 8th grade until marriage in '72, Randy Johnson, and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in August. We live in Wal-Mart Country (Bentonville, AR), and Randy works in Store Planning for Wal-Mart. Our daughter, Anna, graduated from U of AR (yes, she calls the Hogs). For the past year she has lived in Nashville and works for Newell/Rubbermaid, however she just got a promotion and will be moving to Indianapolis, Indiana (above the Mason/Dixon Line.....foreign country as far as I am concerned). Our son, Trae, will be a junior at Ole Miss this fall...........he is a true Rebel, which makes his daddy really proud!!!"

Jim "Nomad" Miller - "I work with Texaco in Kuwait as the Chief Auditor for Saudi Arabia Texaco. My wife's name is Yulia and my daughter's name is Anastasia Yelena - 18 months. Photos to follow. (Another note from Nomad on July 10 --- My home leave will be starts in mid-August so I will not be able to attend the luncheon. The forecasted temperature over the next few dates is 48-49 degrees C (or about 118-120 degress F). Nothing like living in an oven."

Sonja Stanford Walker - "I have been teaching 5th grade for 16 years and will begin teaching 6th grade this year. I am certified for principalship and next in line for a position. I live in Ruston, LA. My daughter, Keri, (25) is married to my best friend's son, Keith. He is a Marine jet pilot stationed in Cherry Point, NC. They have been married 2 1/2 years and probably will make a career out of this. I have a son, Bradley, 20, who is still in college here at Louisiana Tech."

Carol Ann Middlebrook Carter - "I'm still in Jackson and Jeff and I are 'empty nesters' We have one son who is 23, graduating from grad school this summer and gainfully employed in Sept and another son who just finished his freshman year at Ole Miss."

Mary Gene Boteler - "After JRHS I graduated from Ole Miss with a BAE in Speech Pathology/Special Education. I then went to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary where I received my M.Div. (Masters of Divinity). I was ordained in 1978 and have been serving as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) since that time. In 1978 I also married my husband, Rick Nutt, who is a professor at Muskingum College. We have lived in New Concord, OH since 1988. We have two daughters, Mary Rebekah (21) who will graduate from college next May, and Hannah (18) who will begin college in a few months."

Glenn "Rollo" Crafton - "I live in Batesville Ms now and treat water for a living. This includes both drinking water and waste water. My job is in the environmental field and I stay very busy. I would like to hear from you and we could talk about our old times in high school. Let me know what you are up to and I do look forward to hearing from you!"

Earle Burkley - "Mike, your Apple computer is still in my garage."

Gerald Harbison" - "Thanks for the information on the web site. I live in Lakeland, Florida with my wife and son. We have been here for 11 years. My son is in his second year of college. "

Terry Ray - "Hello Mike......this is too much to see on a Monday morning with only having one cup of coffee. This is really interesting!! Thank you for taking the time to put everything together. In some ways, we really haven't aged that much."

Linda Bailey King - "I live in Oxford. I am a legal secretary in the criminal division of the United States Attorney's Office. I enjoy my work and the people here very much. I attended Mississipi State University and obtained a BS degree in Agricultural Economics. I worked for the USDA, Soil Conservation Service-Natural Resources Conservation Service for about 22 years until they asked me to transfer to Clarksdale or Cleveland, I can't remember which, but neither one of those was a viable option for me. I resigned and stayed home for a couple of years. I began working in the USAO office as a contract employee and then got back to federal. I now have about 24 1/2 years of federal service. I am married to Terry King. Together we have one son who is a student at Northwest, one daughter who is a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company in Memphis, one son-in-law who is in the landscaping business and one grandson who is eight years old and his father expects him to play football for Ole Miss and from there go on the Pittsburg Steelers."

Mike Gibbs - "Maxey, The website is great, and it seems like you have created quite a buzz among our classmates. At least I have already heard from several people who like the site as much as I do. Julie and I ... are still working together to raise three boys, Tommy,17, Ronnie, 14, and Andy, 11. Very Good Guys. If you want to know what they look like, take a look at my pictures in the 1970 Yearbook, and imagine how I would have looked with short hair. Thanks for helping keep people in touch. I very much appreciate it."

Barbara Files Rohmann" - "(when I saw the website) I felt like I had taken a step back in time and was once again a teenager reliving precious memories. I remember being in college in Nashville and my mother calling to tell me the high school had burned. I felt I had lost an old friend. I am not ashamed to say, I cried quite hard and came home that weekend just to sit and stare at what once had been a monument in my life. I loved the picture of junior high school graduation. We should play "name that face'! There are a few who haven't changed much .. just added a few pounds, wrinkles and perhaps gray hair! What a price for experience and wisdom! I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1984 from Mount Vernon, Ohio (ten years there). My greatest accomplishments are my wonderful children. No other job I have had has compared to being a mother. My son James is 23 and will graduate in December from University of Georgia with a major in Business and Real Estate Management. My daughter Julie is 19 and finished her first year at UT- Knoxville. Like so many, she is still struggling to find out what she wants to be when she grows up. (I am still wondering that myself!!) I have been a manager at BellSouth Telecommunications for the past three years. I divorced in 1990 after nearly 18 years. I have been dating a wonderful, loving man for about two and a half years now. He retired from Delta Airlines over a year ago and recently moved to Fayetteville, TN. SO>>>> if any of our dear high school grads know of a good paying job in Huntsville, AL or somewhere close to that, let me know! I am looking forward to our next class reunion. It is always a treat to see everyone. I encourage all those who have not been to a reunion (for ANY reason) to come. They are missing a once in a lifetime opportunity. As the years go on, we will be fewer and fewer and friendships are one of the most precious gifts we have on this earth. So y'all come now, ya hear??"

Bobby Garrick" - "Mike- It was good to hear from you --- Headed home to MS in a couple of weeks for my second oldest niece's engagement party- we are OLD now, aren't we? Please e-mail me back with info on yourself. Had dinner with Julie Lockett Gibbs while out in San Diego on business back in March. We had a wonderful time catching up with each other. Looking forward to the next class reunion to seeing all of the old classmates after such a long time. I went to the class of 69's last one and then the ten year span group with John Hunter who is out here about an hour north of me in the burbs in TX."